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The Archive: January 2005

Baby, it's cold outside, so put a hand on the hard drive and warm up with some of these awesome articles:


Revealed: Michael Jackson's Upcoming "Tattle Tale" Defense US Military Creating Its Own Car Bombs to Steal Iraqi Insurents' Thunder Exclusive: Clarence Thomas Responds to "Justice for Hire" Charges Behind the News: Hot Tub Flooding Inspired Tom DeLay's Conversion to Christianity Channeling Nixon, Bush Says "I Am Not a Cheapskate" Exclusive: "Chatter" Leads to Discovery of Fundamentalist Home Decorating Cell Princess Di's Phallic Collection Set to Tour DeadBrain's Satire Awards Win Puts Freedom Ferret in Mind of a Different Historical Upheaval Bush's "Watch My Comments" Resolution Turns Staff Upside Down on Eve Of Inaugural Sex Bomb's a Dud, but Others in Pipeline Harvard Prexy Slams Women's Anatomy, Math Ability Christian Software Firm Releases English-to-Tongues Converter Chickens in Boxing Gloves? That's Just the Start! Another Celebrity Sperm Bank Closes After Performance Failure Island Give-Away Winners Live to Regret It When Team America Moves In


Alberto Gonzales Whips Everyone Into Shape at His Confirmation Hearing Dominant Dope Denigrates Diminutive Dummies


Tsunami Tragedy Unites Aguilera, Simpson, Spears With Very Little Coercion at All, Freedom Ferret Reveals His New Year Resolution A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...White Noise! A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Their Movie Reviews for 2004! American Midol: 2004 Betrayed by Its Hottest Keywords Top Ten Satire Headlines for Brad and Jennifer's Breakup (aka "The Aniston-Pitt Split") The Ex-Files: The Cosmic Dick A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Coach Carter! A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Elektra! NBC Embeds Journalists for the Pitt-Aniston Separation Coverage American Midol: Brad, Jen, and a Corny-Yet-Heartfelt Declaration from a (Slightly) Parallel Universe The Ex-Files: Deciphering the Pitt Split Madonna Discovers Mythical Musical Note in Concert American Midol: The Top 3 Trends of 2005 Carson's Death Shines Spotlight on Has-Beens Desperate Search to Capture Paris Hilton's Escaped Property - Part 1 Carson Daly Hopes to Fill Late Night Void Desperate Search to Capture Paris Hilton's Escaped Property - Part 2 Desperate Search to Capture Paris Hilton's Escaped Property - Part 3 A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Alone in the Dark! A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Hide and Seek!


To Juice or Not to Juice - That Is the Question for Major League Baseball Whew! America Saved from Mickey Rooney's Bare Buns Pitcher's Sexy Wife Lures Free Agents to the Mets Can Heartbroken Eagle Terrell Owens Ever Carry On? Acclaimed Haiku Master and New England Patriots Fan Phinneas Zoquo Begins the 2005 Super Bowl Smacktalking

Propaganda's Top Ten Most Popular Articles During 2004 Popular Humor Site Wins Seven Satire Awards, Loses Half-Day Fridays

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