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The Archive: June 2005

June, June, Bo-bune, Banana-fana-fo-fune, Me-mi-mo-mune, June!


Pope's Ring Declared Major Health Hazard Tom Cruise Leaves Hollywood: Begins War on ALL Medical Worlds Inside Homeland Homes and Gardens And the Mind of a Style Czar General Lee's Navel Lint Fetches Enormous Auction Price Bush Hails New Wonder Drug That Cures 296 Diseases Boy Scouts Confess Trustworthiness Issues Airline to Shut Down Engines to Save Money Rapture Will Create Inheritance Nightmares, End Traffic Jams DHHG Book Review: "How Would Jesus Decorate?" Connecticut Approves Mental Junk Food Ban Alabama Couple Wants World Bank to Forgive Their Credit Card Debt Supreme Court Allows Prosecution of Surgical Anesthesia Use Hussein is California Dreamin' Wal-Mart Introduces Discount Funerals for Customers Saddam Loves Doritos, But Frito-Lay Doesn't Love Him Supreme Court's Ruling Costs Justices Their Homes Downing Street Memo a Fake, Says Eminent Grammarian High School Bans Peace Corps Recruiters


Cheney Lashes Out at Almost Everybody Dick Cheney Craving More Bush Bill Maher Better Watch Out for Bachus, Sources Say Bush to Consolidate Executive Power by Doing It All By Himself In "More Sorrow Than Anger," Dick Cheney Rips Howard Dean a New One Senate Tightens Noose on Lynching Here Comes the Judge! Here Comes the Judge! White House Jobs Available: A DeadBrain Public Service Announcement Last American MIAs from Vietnam War Discovered in the White House


Sex Change Helps Couric "Live for Today" Michael Jackson Plans Post-Acquittal Uprising Against California Spurned By Live 8, Spice Girls Organize Rival Event Ted Turner Elaborates on CNN's Many Perversions Tom Cruise's New Honey Talks About Converting to His Goofy Religion A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Lords of Dogtown! A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Cinderella Man! A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Mr. and Mrs. Smith! A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Batman Begins! Celine Dion Prepares for Release of New Album: Mes Areolas Gonfles As Animals Flee Michael Jackson, Freaks Converge on a Neverland in Transition American Midol: Down with R.I.P.? Rippers Holla, "No, Not Me!" Runaway Bride Is New Greyhound Spokesperson


Female Indy Driver Isn't What You Think Red Auerbach Is Second Coaching Legend Returning to NBA Red Auerbach Is Second Coaching Legend Returning to NBA


New Humor Column Takes Home and Garden Craze to the Red Alert Level

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