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The Archive: September 2005

It's that time of year again, when people start saying "It's that time of year again," and this is what was happening while it was that time of year...again:


Bush, Lawmakers Endorse All-American Energy Bill Never Fear, Hurricane Victims - It's Celebrities to the Rescue! Supreme Court News: Bush Reluctantly Taps Kanye West to Replace Rehnquist American Economy Collapses, Killing Several in North Dakota Bush Brings Hope, Finger-Licking BBQ Sauce to the Masses Health Report: In Wake of Katrina Disaster, Medications Fail Bush Garth Brooks to Become Wal-Mart Greeter Katrina Bailout Bill Saves People, Pork Final Blame for New Orleans Fiasco Pinned on French The Back Story Behind the New Orleans Double Whammy Rapturists Sue Feds Over Children Left Behind International News: In German Deadlock, Schwarzenegger Offers a Solution More New Orleans Back Story: Flood Waters Reveal Disgusting Muck, Cheney's Undisclosed Location Health Report: WME Prescribes Lunesta for All Americans Bush Appoints Another - Uh, Winner? - to FEMA Hurricanes Show God Loves White, Rich People Best, Say Theologians Catholic Church Going Commando


George W. Bush - An Army of One


Starbucks "Personal Coffee System" for the True Aficionado A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...The Man! Rave Reviews For Broadway's "Don't Fiddle With The Roof" A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Just Like Heaven! A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Lord of War! Pamela Anderson's Left Breast Accidentally Detached in Airport Security Mishap American Midol: The "I wanna wah-whah-wheahhh" Rant While Awaiting an iPod Recharge, Freedom Ferret Takes Notice of the Larger Forces at Work in the World A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Flightplan! A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Tim Burton's Corpse Bride! Katrina's True Lesson - A Spiritual Offering of Hope American Midol: Save Us, Napoleon!


Kansas News: College vs. Pros in Fight to the Finish Bush Swindles Nagin to Save Fantasy Football Season

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