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The Archive: March 2006

Beware the ides? Feh! The ides were nothing compared to what we did during the rest of the month!


Supreme Court Sanctions Religious Use of Hallucinogenic Tea, Bourbon Video Shows Cheney Wanted to Euthanize Injured Hunter - Part 1 of 2 Video Shows Cheney Wanted to Euthanize Injured Hunter - Part 2 of 2 Bush Invites Bode Miller to White House The Health Report: Cheerful Men at Lower Risk of Heart Disease Success of "Breasts, Not Bombs" Protest Does Not Transfer to "Vaginas, Not Violence" The Health Report: Mad Cow Disease Discovered to Be a Vegan Conspiracy Poll Shocker: 72% of Troops in Iraq Want Just One More Year of Being Shot At 14-Year-Old Who Had Sex With Teacher Now Seeking Medical Attention Avian Bird Flu Taking the Sport Out of Bird Watching The Health Report: Diet Drugs Gone Wild!


Freedom Ferret Confabulates on Jon Stewart's Academy Awards Tryout American Midol: Vote Here & Now for Your One & Only Pop Oscar Winner! The Curmudgeon Bastard: Boys Just Wanna Have Fun Felix the Cat Nabbed in Kitty Porn Sting God Sues "Da Vinci Code" Author for Plagiarism Curmudgeon Bastard: I'd Prefer the Smell of Napalm in the Morning Finding Hate Online for Sci-Fi Fans More Details From the Controversial "Copernicus Code" Trial American Midol: Why Our Freaky Oral Fetishes Equal Big Business


High School Basketball Team Inspired by Movie Barry Bonds Gets Support From Foul-Mouthed Cyst Growing on Hand

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