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  American Midol

American Midol: Fantasia Barrino OOOH, Lawdy! That Girl's Got Herself Some Pipes!

You know how I kicked Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth's useless and totally whack a$$ in my April 16th column? Well, this column is my contribution to the Karma Gods, so that they may realize I do not spend all of my spare time insulting people just for the heck of it.

You see, I am simply going to sing the highest of holy praises on behalf of a certain 19-year-old Songstress/Savior from North Carolina.

She's everything that's been missing in a music industry that's put flawless blonde highlights ahead of good vocals. She's soul. She's passion. She's unpolished, uncouth, and slightly unattractive, in a totally hot way.

She is the UN-freakin'-believable Fantasia Barrino. And baby, her time has come.

We need this woman. We need someone who is beyond the pitch-perfect scales of Celine, and Babs, and that geek-turned-well-dressed-geek, Clay Aiken.

We need someone who gets it. A chick who knows how to sing, who can deliver the goods hands-down, but who can also seep inside your guts, say hello, and remind you you're still alive, there's still hope, and you don't have to have a perky nose to prove it.

Sure, she's Aretha. But she's Tina, and Billie, and Janis, too. She's even got some Mick in her, maybe a little Jimmy, and yeah gotta throw in a bit of Mr. James Brown while you're at it.

She is for REAL.

Do we get "real" much anymore? Can I hear a "Hell, no!"???

Fantasia makes me believe in a higher power. She reminds me that it's still cool to be human that there's something about this whole living thing, and it's worth the struggle, worth the pain, worth the almighty angst of it all.

Now, will some big shot producer sweep in and overproduce the hell out of her? Alas, this is very likely, and I weep for its virtual inevitability.

But until then, I will hold my hope and I will hug it and squeeze it and love it forever because as long as Fantasia's in the house, everything's gonna be quite aiiight.

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