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A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Ray!

It's Short Film Title Week in Hollywood! And though this one won't get a Best Picture nomination, we're damn sure that Jamie Foxx will get a Best Actor nod with his unnervingly spot-on portrayal of Ray Charles in all his flawed glory.

Dad: And he did all that despite being burdened with a terrible disability. Makes you want to go in a closet with the extension cord and whip yourself like a Devo fanatic.

Mom: Imagine having blind sex all of your life, fantasizing about whoever you wanted without any guilt - "Sure, I'll bet he looks just like Antonio Banderas..." Mmmm! Ohhhh! That's what I say, Ray!

Sis: Omigod - Ray Charles is a total f-ing rock star. He makes that wannabe thug Jay-Z look like more of a worm than my little brother.

Bro: I'll take the Jay-Z comparison, 'cause there ain't nuttin sweet 'bout how I hold my gun - I got 99 problems, B, and my Sis ain't one - hit me!

Baby: Jamie Foxx is just unreal. And I've been listening to Ray Charles since the day I was born, so I know what I'm talking about. Meanwhile, since it's the week for breaking curses, maybe this will help Taylor Hackford put the Proof of Life curse behind him.

Verdict: It's not the greatest movie, but it's a good one and it deserves some cash. Catch a matinee at least.

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