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  American Midol

American Midol: Brad, Jen, and a Corny-Yet-Heartfelt Declaration from a (Slightly) Parallel Universe

I married my husband award-winning writer and maestro editor Allen Voivod just three weeks after Brad and Jen exchanged their highly-publicized nuptials.

Like Brad and Jen, Allen and I swapped vows in Malibu, and we, too, overlooked the Pacific Ocean.

That pretty much ends the similarities.

Their wedding day was inarguably the best event money could buy. Hundreds of friends and industry folk enjoyed lavish wining and dining, label-supported musical acts, bank-busting botanical arrangements, a gospel choir, fab fireworks, and the bragging rights earned by the simple act of attendance.

Quite dissimilarly, our wedding day included 50 of our nears and dears, $400 worth of flowers, mini-bubble containers adorned with home-printed labels, and the off-pitch stylings of Monty, a good-hearted, portable-piano man (also $400).

No copters. No beefed-up security. No million-dollar price tag.

Four-plus years have passed since our weddings, and still I've never been featured in People's Most Beautiful People in the World issue. (I know! Isn't that preposterous?!) And while Allen has earned the Sexiest Man Alive title in my book for eight straight years and counting, the paparazzi have been conspicuously absent.

But in the wake of Brad and Jen's official-statement-sanctioned separation, I know in my ever-quaking heart that it has nothing to do with the money, or the fame, or the speed-dial access to David Arquette.

The truth is that even for the couples who seem to have literally EVERYTHING going for them, this marriage stuff is like Brad's and Jen's abs spectacularly, unbelievably, impossibly, and inconceivably HARD.

And yet, I'm sticking to my stubborn guns and publicly declaring a hackneyed, naked conviction to anyone who needs to hear it right now:

True love DOES exist. It's out there. It's possible. It's real. I swear.

So don't let the Hollywood hype bring you down, kid. Cuz while it's seldom easy, it's definitely worth it. (Hey why would I lie to you? I'm a nobody with nothing to gain by such a well-worn, insufferably-schmoopie statement.)

And for all you truly hard-core romantics out there, remember:

They're not divorced yet.

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