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  American Midol

American Midol: Jacko, Porno, Court-o, Uh-Oh! (A Michael Jackson Primer, Part 1 = Before the Neverland Sting)

WTF happened to this high-pitched, ever-paling, nose-collapsing, kid-fondling car wreck of a human being? Let's peruse Jacko's Highlights Reel and see if we can shed a modicum of light onto this ultra-talented mega-legend-gone-Bad.

1962. A blue-collar patriarch named Joe Jackson decides to organize his three oldest sons into a musical group. One year later, his five-year-old son *Michael* steps in and takes over as the freakishly gifted front man.

1968. Motown signs The Jackson 5. The world LOVES 'em. We're talking albums, dolls, network cartoons...the works.

1977. A 19-year-old Michael co-stars with Diana Ross in The Wiz, an all-black, totally funk-a-fide retelling of Hollywood's vanilla darling, The Wizard of Oz.

1979. Off the Wall. A solo career is launched.

1982. Thriller. The biggest-selling album of all time, inciting worldwide fandom of gasket-blowing proportions.

1985. MJ teams up with the ceiling-dancing Lionel Richie to co-write "We Are the World." It FLIES.

1986. Enter Jackson's short-film collaboration with George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola, Captain Eo. This special-effects super-show dominates Disney's IMAX theaters for 12 years.

1987. Bad. The first album EVER to produce five number one hits.

1991. Dangerous. (Next-decade quarterbacking begs the question: is Jackson naming albums here, or slapping none-too-subtle warning labels on himself?)


1993. Michael Jackson is accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy who happened to be a frequent guest at Michael's fantasy-driven youth homage, Neverland Valley Ranch.

1994. Michael marries Lisa Marie Presley. It lasts five minutes.

1995. Michael gives the world HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1. The world says, "eh."

1996. Jackson remarries and procreates! The nurse-turned-wife delivers two children, son Prince Michael Jackson Jr. and daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

1999. The bizarro-world breeders call it quits.

2001. Invincible. It's anything but.

2002. Michael dangles his 11-month-old son over the edge of a German hotel suite's balcony. The world *gasps* in horror!

November 18, 2003. Jackson's Number Ones arrives in stores; Neverland is searched by authorities for the first time.

The ultra-creepy life of Michael Jackson unfurls in Part 2 = The Quick Spit Facts and uncorks in Part 3 = An Elite Selection of Juicy, Lewd, and Sordid Details. Read on!

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