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  Homes and Gardens

Forget Iraq, al-Qaeda, and the complete lack of security at our shipping ports and nuclear power plants. The real threat is in your own backyard. Literally! That's why the White House created the Department of Homeland Homes and Gardens (DHHG) - to help you fight the terror of home décor.

These are the reports of DHHG activity:

DHHG Profiles in Cleaning: Missy Swiffer A Holiday Message From the Department of Homeland Homes and Gardens DHHG Proposes Dress Code; Overalls To Be Outlawed Homeland Homes and Gardens Department Denies Charges of Torture, Other Alleged Wrongdoing Ask a Government Decorator! Your Décor Dilemmas Solved Feh Shui – Authentic New York Style Décor Katrina's True Lesson - A Spiritual Offering of Hope Rave Reviews For Broadway's "Don't Fiddle With The Roof" Starbucks "Personal Coffee System" – for the True Aficionado DHHG Supports Allies with "Batty for Britain" Program DHHG Chief Calls for "Purple Power" New Decorating Style Lets Stars Live Like Regular Folk DHHG Special Report: People, Homes Make Neighborhoods DHHG Book Review: "How Would Jesus Decorate?" Inside Homeland Homes and Gardens – And the Mind of a Style Czar Homeowners Rally in Washington, Demand Action Homeland Homes and Gardens: Designers' Challenge Goes Global Ceiling Fandango: DHHG Seeks Restrictions on Faux Tropical Fans DHHG Offers Help with Mortgage Calculations Homeland Homes and Gardens Pays Tribute to "Headlamp Hannah" DHHG: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Alderson Gov't Homes and Gardens Agency Offers Newsletter Preview Homes Honcho Declares War on French Country President Tackles Terror, Appoints Homes Honcho Exclusive: "Chatter" Leads to Discovery of Fundamentalist Home Decorating Cell

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