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Profile: Ross Bender


Hindu Kush


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HOBBIES: Dice, vice, crazy women, and the Epistle to the Romans

FAVORITE BOOK: The Avatamsaka Sutra

FAVORITE COMPOSERS: Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson


ACADEMIC HONORS: Columbia University, Ph.D. in Love;
Bob Jones University, D. Hon.; Certificate in Cognitive Science, Institute of Glottopsychiatry, University of Waterloo

OTHER HONORS: Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; Member, Académie Française; Order of the British Empire; Order of the Rising Sun

MILITARY: Lieutenant, Ret., Queen's African Rifles

FAVORITE QUOTATION: "And just so you know, a futon with a schmatta comforter on top is not a real bed, I don't care if it is from Mr. Calvin Klein." -- Tara Zucker

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