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  August 2003

My, how times flies when you're making fun of people. Here's a full list of the stories we've published below:

Colin Powell: "I'm a Warmongering SOB"
Wal-Mart Buys Naming Rights to Vatican Cathedral
Bush's Liberia Quandary: How Can Halliburton Profit?
Ben and J. Lo: "We Were Just Kidding…"
Mapmaker Mogul Arrested for Funding Foreign Wars
Schwarzenegger's Handshake Injures Dozens at Rally
Kobe's Christmas Ornament Sales Spur Celebrity Sex Crime Wave
Bush's Vocal Coach Resigns Over Endless "Nuclear" Mispronunciations
Satirists Guild Calls for Attacks on Democrats, Political Commentators
Power Outage Traced to Amish "Evangelistic Crusade"
Homosexuals Invent Better, More Sacred Institution; Ashcroft Rebuts
Paul Newman Elected to Satirists Guild for Fox News Mockery
Dead Disney to Challenge "Nazi Wuss" Schwarzenegger
Stupid Environmental Extremists Protest Pollution by Burning Cars, Buildings
Hindu Judge Refuses to Remove Sacred Cows from U.S. Court Building
Yankee Dentist "Plays God," Incurs Archbishop's Snaggle-Toothed Wrath
U.S. Seeks Coalition, U.N. Aid in Deficit Crunch

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