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  December 2003

Santa came and went, leaving these bits of coal in our stocking:

DeadBrain on the Ground with President Bush in Iraq
Exclusive: Bush Also Crashed N. Korea, Afghanistan, McDonald's
Newlyweds Beauty Jessica Simpson Blows the Secret: "My Marriage is a Sham!"
Revealed: Bingo Was Not His Name, Oh
Black Dancer Regrets Giving Britney Spears Street Cred
Dick's Big Break: Cheney Named Benevolent Dictator of Iraq
Russia's Kyoto Rejection Causes Chain Reaction of Treaty Withdrawals to BC Era
Exclusive: Condi and Colin Speaking Secret Language
Ex-STP Junkie Weiland Subs for Ozzy, Funk Master Clinton
Bush Announces Lunar Probe, but Claims "It's Not About Green Cheese!"
Britney Spears "Gigantically Relieved" at Hussein's Capture; Shares Passion
Routine Iraqi Carjacking Results In Army's Overwhelming Use of Force, Death of Cat
Bush Testicles "Not Steel," Claims Source
Michael Jackson Revealed as Bastard Son of Strom Thurmond
Michael Jackson's Chimp Attempts Suicide
In Biggest Vocal Gaffe Yet, Bush Promises Troops "Home by Christmas"
Rush Limbaugh Calls for Public Execution of Drug Users
Bush Hails CIA Coup In Ottawa
With Saddam Gone, Iraqi Looting REALLY Takes Off!

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