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  War on America

Protesters Complain High Fuel Costs Make it Too Expensive to Drive to "War for Oil" Protests

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Which is more important to YOU - the War for Oil or the War Against High Gas Prices?
War for Oil
War Against High Gas Prices
I use corn for fuel, so eff all y'all
Anti-war protesters across the country are complaining that skyrocketing gas prices are making it expensive for them to drive to protests against the "War for Oil" in Iraq.

"How are we supposed to protest this greedy war, driven by the insatiable American lust for low cost fuel, when it costs me thirty-eight bucks to fill up my Pinto?" asked Cheryl Ann Kasper, as she absent-mindedly twiddled her nose ring.

"Now I find myself shuttling back and forth between protests against high gas prices and protests against the War for Oil. I'm exhausted, and making rookie protester mistakes. Just the other day, I accidentally displayed my 'CHEAP GAS NOW!' sign at an anti-War Protest. I didn't realize what I'd done until the Young Republican counter-protest had carried me off like a hero."

Kasper was asked if increasing fuel costs might suggest that "War for Oil" is a misnomer.


"Misnomer. A description that doesn't, in truth, apply."


"Need to kick it around a bit?"

"I'm thinking."

"I know. We smell smoke."

"Does Miss Nomer come to protests? Maybe we can ask her."

"Maybe we can, Cheryl. Thanks for your time."

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