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Goat Claims He Was With 20th Hijacker the Night Before 9/11

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Do YOU believe the goat's story?
What's not to believe?'s a goat, for starters
So? Ever hear of a goat that lied to people?
Well, no, but--
Case closed!
An upstate New York goat has come forward with the shocking claim that he was with Fawaz al-Nashmi, a Saudi national killed in 2002 by Saudi police, the night before the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

If true, the story corroborates al-Qaeda's claim that al-Nashmi was, indeed, the planned 20th hijacker.

The goat's farmer brought the four-year-old Alpine Buck to local police, after the goat broke down while reading news accounts of al-Nashiri in newspapers that had been strewn in his pen. The story he told left FBI agents convinced that not only was al-Nashmi the 20th hijacker, he was also an incredible goat lover.

"He got to this goat quickly," said an FBI agent who asked not to be identified. "The poor Buck has been heartbroken for nearly five years. The relationship was so deep and intense that al-Nashmi overslept in the hayloft the morning of 9/11."

Promising to return but cursing in Arabic, al-Nashmi fled the farm and was never heard from again.

The goat, who has asked not to be identified, was left to pick up the pieces.

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