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Satire about Donald Rumsfeld

Allen Voivod's obsession with Rummy got Allen the gig as Editor of, so it can't be considered an "unhealthy obsession," right? In fact, the only unhealthy thing would be to miss out on giggle-prone satire like this:

An Ode to the Fog Of Rummy: McNamara Lite Scientists Work Feverishly To Restore Spines of Congressional Democrats The Health Report: Studies Show President Bush Does Not Have Dementia From Hero to Nero: Heck of a Job Bushie In National Security Move, GOP Pushes Ban on Horse Slaughter Congressman Calls Flag Burners "Treasonous" Will Lay's Corpse Serve His Prison Time? GE Debuts New Line of "Sphincter-Glow" Light Bulbs From the Editor: The Top Five Reasons Rumsfeld MUST Resign The Health Report: Donald Rumsfeld Defends President Bush's Vacation Time American Midol: Bauer vs. Rumsfeld The Torture Olympics Showdown Attack on Iran "Preposterous" - Iranians Urged to Ignore the American Tanks in Their Cities "The Moussaoui Trial," or "A Mid-East Side Story" Poll Shocker: 72% of Troops in Iraq Want Just One More Year of Being Shot At The Health Report: Bird Flu "A North Korean Hoax," Says Cabinet George W. Bush Revealed to Be Special Effects Creation Pentagon to Honor Terror Victims With a Parade and Pool Party Rumsfeld Renames "War On Terror," Calls for "Kinder, Gentler Struggle" Rumsfeld Gives Order to Shoot Down Amish Aircraft Rummy to Close Pentagon Donald Rumsfeld and Spider-Man Want to Save the World? Meet the "Beetles" - The New Fab Three of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld White House to Host "Mission Accomplished II" Gala March 19th Bush's Crony, Berlusconi, Dismisses Rift as "Baloney" Mel Gibson Tapped For Papacy; J-Lo To Head Fed Sex Bomb's a Dud, but Others in Pipeline Rumsfeld Tries a New Tack - Stand-Up! Rubber-Stamp Scandal Draws "Time-Out" For Rumsfeld Tennessee National Guard Troops Apologize to Rumsfeld; Will Dig Latrines as Penance Intelligence Revamp Glitch Leaves Nation "Temporarily Stupid" Opium Futures Up on Kabul Exchange; Rumsfeld Proclaims Victory in Afghan Drug War Capitol Hill Becomes Faith Hill Exclusive: Faking Out America with Funny Money Ronald Reagan Reanimated for Election Push President Bush Lonely, Pining for Condoleezza Rice After Her "Extreme Makeover" CBS Retracts Abu Ghraib Torture Story, Apologizes to Bush Unprecedented Survey Result: 100% Would Vote for Bush Charley Attacks Florida; Kerry Has Unexpected 'Nam Flashback Colin Powell, Ahmed Chalabi Skipping RNC Bash Bush Targets Lunatic Vote GOP Leaders Scramble to Replace Ditka Supreme Court Wins Washington Softball Championship Miami Police Claim Drudge Guilty of "GOP-philia" FCC's New Indecency Target: Dashes in Magazines, Newspapers Rumsfeld Courts X Games Star; Ryan Loses Borg Support Rumsfeld Enrolls Edwards, Gephardt, Dean in Summer Ghost Camp DeadBrain Source Claims Rumsfeld Being Brainwashed by Underling DeadBrain Uncovers a Juicy New Scandal in Iraq Rumsfeld, Satan Reach Tentative Power-Sharing Agreement Head of US Armed Forces Unveils New Salute More Pentagon-Mandated Positive Spin from the War in Iraq Hamas: God Declares War on America, Israel, Sharon Stone Selective Service to Draft Korean, Arabic, Gay Linguists Bush Issues Preemptive Presidential Pardon for His Lifetime of Crimes Canuck Resistance to CIA Coup Stiffens; Rumsfeld Says No New Troops Needed Bush Hails CIA Coup In Ottawa Bush Announces Lunar Probe, but Claims "It's Not About Green Cheese!" Exclusive: Condi and Colin Speaking Secret Language Russia's Kyoto Rejection Causes Chain Reaction of Treaty Withdrawals to BC Era "Sacrifices" for Iraq: Ritualistic Murders, Female Afro-American Suspect Rummy Proposes Exorcism Intelligence Agency to Fight Islam US Seeks Coalition, UN Aid in Deficit Crunch Bush's Liberia Quandary: How Can Halliburton Profit? Colin Powell: "I'm a Warmongering SOB"

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