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Satire about George W. Bush

Biden "Out-Bumpkins" Palin The Health Report: Holiday Spending Soars for Pets, Plummets for Children Special Election 2006 Health Report: The Blind Can See! The Health Report: Studies Show President Bush Does Not Have Dementia From Hero to Nero: Heck of a Job Bushie In National Security Move, GOP Pushes Ban on Horse Slaughter Will Lay's Corpse Serve His Prison Time? The Health Report: Donald Rumsfeld Defends President Bush's Vacation Time Santorum Claims Iraq WMDs Found Up His Bum South of the Border's Pedro "Public Enemy Numero Uno" Be Still My Heart: Cheney Donates to Charity Presidential Terrier Barney Resigns White House Post The Health Report: White House Crisis - Medications Failing America! President Bush Enrolls in Home Schooling; First Lady to Teach The Health Report: President Bush - Proof That Cloning is Dangerous Curmudgeon Bastard: Uniquely American The Health Report: Cheerful Men at Lower Risk of Heart Disease Bush Invites Bode Miller to White House The Health Report: New Studies Indicate President Bush "Addicted to Secrecy" Health Report Breaking News - President Bush's Favorite Teether Recalled for Contamination Bush Administration Refuses to Kiss and Tell on Katrina In Ongoing Hunt for Bin Laden, CIA Strike Destroys Canadian Town Samuel Alito: Secret Satanist Bush Secretly Authorized Middle-Eastern Internment Camps Revealed: Why George Bush Didn't Ask a FISA Court for Permission The Health Report: The WME Is Listening... Polls Show Americans Welcome Domestic Spying, Torture NASA's Pluto Plan "Just Plain Goofy" Alito "Can't Recall" Attending Princeton; "Sorta Remembers" Strip Searches Of 10-Year-Old Girls GQ Magazine Under Surveillance After Bin Laden Niece Interview The Curmudgeon Bastard: Designer Cocktails for a Thousand?! Revealed: Bush Chose Alito Because "Jesus Wrote the Constitution" The Health Report: Holiday Spending Medications! NBC: "All Good News, All the Time," Says Couric Condi Visits Secret CIA Camps in Europe, Tells Brits to "Back Off" Vice President Cheney's Office Leaks Name of Unknown Soldier Latest Plamegate Bombshell: Woodward Under the Bed at St. Regis Hotel The Health Report: President Bush Sends Free Poultry and Heartburn Meds to the Poor for Thanksgiving J-Lo "Pissed" at Losing Fed Slot to Bernanke FEMA Fashionista: Brown Unveils New Clothing Line World Rushes to Defend Bush Against Accusations of Incompetence - Part 2 of 2 World Rushes to Defend Bush Against Accusations of Incompetence The Health Report: Bird Flu "A North Korean Hoax," Says Cabinet George W. Bush Revealed to Be Special Effects Creation Bush Swindles Nagin to Save Fantasy Football Season Hurricanes Show God Loves White, Rich People Best, Say Theologians Bush Appoints Another - Uh, Winner? - to FEMA George W. Bush - An Army of One Health Report: WME Prescribes Lunesta for All Americans More New Orleans Back Story: Flood Waters Reveal Disgusting Muck, Cheney's Undisclosed Location Rapturists Sue Feds Over Children Left Behind Final Blame for New Orleans Fiasco Pinned on French Katrina Bailout Bill Saves People, Pork Health Report: In Wake of Katrina Disaster, Medications Fail Bush Bush Brings Hope, Finger-Licking BBQ Sauce to the Masses Supreme Court News: Bush Reluctantly Taps Kanye West to Replace Rehnquist Bush, Lawmakers Endorse All-American Energy Bill Bush Places Blame for War Dead on Parents Bush Meets With Cindy Sheehan, Offers Coke and Sympathy "Mama's Boy" George Bush Gets the Business From Barb on Their Oprah Appearance Gay-Friendly God Smites Boy Scouts Bush Shoves Bolton Up United Nations Assembly Pundit Robert Novak Joins "Dick" Cheney at Cussers Anonymous Kerry's Adult Film Did Not Violate Law Judith Miller Pardoned; Receives Highest Presidential Honor Fun With Dubya - The Movie Collection Karl Rove Charged in Convenience Store Theft In a Huge Surprise, Bush Nominates White Guy for Supreme Court God Denies That He Has No Heart Tom Cruise Named Surgeon General Last American MIAs from Vietnam War Discovered in the White House Bush Hails New Wonder Drug That Cures 296 Diseases Cheney Lashes Out at Almost Everybody Rumsfeld Gives Order to Shoot Down Amish Aircraft Senior-Sex Marriages "A Threat to America," Bush Says DeadBrain Time Machine: Vegas Man Hits Demi/Bush/Britney Trifecta At Newsweek, Ritual Suicides and Flagellation Clinton, Gore Team Up to Save Dennis Miller's Career Texas Seeks to Outgun Florida Word Association with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger The Crème de la Crème of White House Press Briefings Meet the "Beetles" - The New Fab Three of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld Bush's Papal Gamble Pays Off...Sort Of New York Times to Examine the "Important Stuff" UN Nominee Bolton to Undergo Anger Management Therapy With Jack Nicholson Bush Seeks to Become Next Pope Billy Bob Thornton Blasts Activist Judges Minnesota School Deaths Blamed on "Spontaneous Human Perforation" Bono "Pissed" At Losing World Bank Slot to Paul Wolfowitz Dem Senators Lambast New Fed Head Jennifer Lopez A Day and a Night of Horse Feathers and Animal Crackers in Duck Soup White House to Host "Mission Accomplished II" Gala March 19th Bin Laden Discounts Russell Crowe's Value, Highlights Others Extending a Middle Finger, Not a Hand Congressman's Syria Joke Bombs...Sort Of New Fed Head Warns Against "Primatizing" Social Security Double Vision and Condemnation at Jackson Trial Putin Scolds Bush Over Democracy Erosion in United States Cheney's Daughter Gets Plum Job Hunter S. Thompson, Author, Dies of Old Age North Korea Opens Arms Talks With Tommy Hilfiger Mel Gibson Tapped For Papacy; J-Lo To Head Fed Captured Cody Doll Solves Bush's Troop Rotation Problem, Opens Door to Iran Invasion Anti-Bush Bumper Sticker Leads to Threat of Iraq Duty or RNC Bathroom Duty The Corrected Text of the State of the Union Address Turmoil During Sunday's Iraqi Election! Island Give-Away Winners Live to Regret It When Team America Moves In Sex Bomb's a Dud, but Others in Pipeline Bush's "Watch My Comments" Resolution Turns Staff Upside Down on Eve Of Inaugural NBC Embeds Journalists for the Pitt-Aniston Separation Coverage Dominant Dope Denigrates Diminutive Dummies Top Ten Satire Headlines for Brad and Jennifer's Breakup (aka "The Aniston-Pitt Split") Channeling Nixon, Bush Says "I Am Not a Cheapskate" Alberto Gonzales Whips Everyone Into Shape at His Confirmation Hearing Exclusive: Clarence Thomas Responds to "Justice for Hire" Charges Ashcroft Supports Kentucky Woman in Rebel Flag Flap Rubber-Stamp Scandal Draws "Time-Out" For Rumsfeld President Bush Dumps Laura, Claiming Need for a Son to Carry on His Legacy - Part 2 President Bush Dumps Laura, Claiming Need for a Son to Carry on His Legacy - Part 1 President Fingers Wife for Porn Job Enrollment In Elite Schools Plummets After Bush Win President Bush Escapes From Canada Unharmed; Befuddlement Level Stable President Bush Announces Massive "Mortuary Arts" Community College Initiative DeadBrain Time Machine: President Schwarzenegger Says, "I Am a Girlie Man!" Say Cheese: Virgin Mary Wants Some Respect Capitol Hill Becomes Faith Hill Exclusive: Faking Out America with Funny Money Ohioans Embrace New Image; State Calls for All Haters to "Come Home" FCC Threatens to Whack More TV Shows Through Heady Abuse of Power John Ashcroft Resigns; Will Join ACLU on January 1, 2005 French Peacekeepers Strafed in Ivory Coast; Bush Denies Responsibility French Hospital: "Bush Deliberately Withheld Flu Vaccine from Ailing Yasser Arafat" Ridge Announces "Code Green" Status for Smallest Nebraska Town Sunday Religion Update: Bush Win Prompts Tears in Heaven A Menace to Democracy: Idiot Voters Jet Strafes School to Thwart Terrorists; "Definitely Not" George Bush on a Victory Joyride "Bawing" Voter Protest Wiping - Err, Sweeping the Nation Kerry Loss Being Blamed on Campaign Strategist Jon Lovitz Ralph Nader Ends Campaign by Attacking Netzero's "Candidate Zero" for Lying About Free Internet Access Thousands of Canadian Seniors Protest Kerry's Drug Import Plan Ten Reasons You Absolutely SHOULD NOT Vote in Tomorrow's Presidential Election Thrown Off the Bus with Bush Unusual Names Showing Up on Florida Absentee Ballots Ronald Reagan Reanimated for Election Push Kerry Preemptively Declares Victory in Election 2004 President Unveils Double-Headed Porn Czar Bush Promises "Maternity Camps" for Amoral Women Bush Makes Final Debate "All-Out Gag Fest" The Bush Camp Enlists Chicken Little to Help Get Out the Vote Kerry Uncaps Votes of Drinkers, Addicts Staying on the Bus with Bush Local Donkey Wounded During US Marine Raid of Iraqi School A Wooden Presidential Debate Erratic Dick Cheney Shocks Vice Presidential Debate Viewers Fox Frets "Martha's Bitches" Won't Be Bitchy Enough North Korea Offers Nuke Talks, Cheerleaders DeadBrain's Top Ten Satire Headlines for the First Presidential Debate Bush: I'll Adopt Kerry's Iraq Plan, No Need to Vote for Him Now NBC Contemplates Airing Condoleezza Rice Diary President Bush Lonely, Pining for Condoleezza Rice After Her "Extreme Makeover" CBS Retracts Abu Ghraib Torture Story, Apologizes to Bush Planet of the Apes Star Reveals Secret Past with Bush Questions Raised About Authenticity of Bush Diplomas, Birth Certificate Bush Ordered to Active Duty for Failure to Complete Military Obligation Ralph Nader Becomes "Ralphie Nizzle the Corvair Slayer" to Attract Black Vote Liberal Media Manipulated GOP Demographics During Bush Convention Speech, Analysis Proves "Stoned Guy" Reports on Thursday's Republican Convention Events "Stoned Guy" Reports on Wednesday's Republican Convention Events Loathing Laura: America Turns on Its First Lady - Part 3 "Stoned Guy" Reports on Tuesday's Republican Convention Events "Stoned Guy" Reports on Monday's Republican Convention Events Loathing Laura: America Turns on Its First Lady - Part 1 Bush-Cheney '04 Holds McCain's Family at "Undisclosed Location" Fresh From Swift Boat Victory, Karl Rove Sits Down with DeadBrain Kerry's Attack Sinks Swift Boat Critics Bush Seeks Congressional Medal of Honor for Scarred Liver, Saving Co-ed From Pool Bush Retracts Bin Laden Steel Cage Match Offer Lagging in Campaign Fundraising, Bush Offers Line of New Hygiene Products McGreevey's Admission Opens the Door for Other Politicians Charley Attacks Florida; Kerry Has Unexpected 'Nam Flashback America's Unemployed Linked to Al-Qaeda Survey: Seniors Jonesing for Canadian Fix Colin Powell, Ahmed Chalabi Skipping RNC Bash Democrats: GOP Silenced Rick James to Prevent Kerry Endorsement Bush May Become Cable Fishing Show Co-Host Republicans Announce Plans for Family Fun at RNC Sunday Mystery: Three Davenport, Iowa Robberies Solved! Bush PDB Writer Resigns, Starts New Career With Cliffs Notes James Earl Jones Named CIA Chief Democratic Convention Coverage: Satire Guild President's Thursday Analysis Ann Coulter Warns of "Biased Banshees of Summer" Insurgents Aim to Iraq the Vote in November "None of the Above" Added to Presidential Ballot Dennis Miller Jailed as Saddam Hussein Double Bush's "Pet Goat" Nemesis Negotiating Democratic Convention Appearance Kenneth Lay Pleads Ignorance, Stupidity, Alzheimer's F-Bomb Triggers Halliburton Stock Dumping on Bush Loss Fears A Dysfunctional Family of Five Reviews...Anchorman! Miami Police Claim Drudge Guilty of "GOP-philia" Rev. Sun Myung Moon Named Bush Cabinet Messiah Dick Cheney Invites PBS Viewers to His Neighborhood Rumsfeld Enrolls Edwards, Gephardt, Dean in Summer Ghost Camp Reagan an Early Gold Medal Favorite for the 2004 Cadaver Games Paris and Nicole Do Crawford - Texas, That Is And Now, a Public Service Announcement from George Bush's Left Ear Cartilage DeadBrain Time Machine Reveals Blame Placement in 9/11 Commission Report Fox News Channel Suffers Psychotic Break Intelligence Failures Mar Bush's Eulogy at Reagan Funeral Laura Bush Succumbs to Kim Jong Il's Weapons of Lust Reagan's Death Timed to Draw Attention from Bush's Disastrous D-Day Speech Bush Terrifies Aussie Opposition Bush Genuflects, Becomes Catholic Oil Prices to Drop After Khobar Attack New Iraqi Prime Minister Says to Bush: "Disarm or We'll Disarm You" DeadBrain Time Machine Reveals Surprise Winner of Democratic Nomination Kerry Interrogated, Admits He's French Grim Reaper Honors Bush with Golden Scythe New Book Lables Bush "Phony Christian" Exposed: 'Area 52' and Ancient Grecian Influence on US War Planning - Part 2 Exclusive: In Midst of Turmoil, Ariel Sharon Finally Selects Diet Plan Videos Allegedly Catch Cheney, Scalia Torturing Underage Ducks FCC Now Banning Wizard of Oz Under Almighty Influence Head of US Armed Forces Unveils New Salute And Now, a PSA from the Automobile Manufacturers of America Secret US Court Lifts Gag Order on DeadBrain, Saddam's Diaries Bush, Blair Compare Dental Records, Virile Members DeadBrain's Top Ten Satire Headlines for President Bush's Press Conference All Quiet on Mideastern Front, So Bush Extends Vacation More Pentagon-Mandated Positive Spin from the War in Iraq A Special Easter Appeal from President George W. Bush Donald Trump to Condoleezza Rice: "You're Fired!" Escaped Robot Wreaks Havoc on Bush Campaign Trail Nancy to Laura: "Get a Ouija Board, Tarot Cards and a Good Astrologer" Bush Finally Flips, Satirizes Self on National TV FCC Fines Itself for Indecent Indecency Policy Gay Marriage Compromise Reached: Lesbians Yes, Gay Men No Liberal Special Interest Group Defines List of Appropriate GOP Commercial Topics Bush, Kerry Threaten Each Other with Secret Society Initiation Videotapes

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